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1-Circule no texto abaixo, os verbos que estão no presente continuo. Hi euryone. We are on Holiday en Germany but the weather is bod today. It

raining. We sitting in a café at the momet. I am got my computer and i writing my blog.

My sist. Listening to music. My Brothers aren t in the café.They playing footboll in the

roin my mum talking to her friends on the phone. And my dad? Reading the

newspaper. On yes and my grandparents are here too. They eating cakes i havem it got

a cake but. I raining frut. Juice. I life it we talking a good time. See you soon.

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Cinco frases afirmativas no present continuo​
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1.abrevie as frases abaixoa) i am sick.b) you are herec) it is thered) we are bravee) you are not happyf) she is not hereg) i am not her h) they are not there​
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Write sentences with both…and /either…or/ neither…nor. a. peter is hungry. john is hungry too. b. you can have steak or chicken. whichever you prefer. c. tom isn’t italian. he isn’t brazilian either. d. julie is at home. mary is at home too. e. we’ll visit bahia. we’ll visit pernambuco too.
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Uma panela com capacidade térmica de 250 cal/°c, contém 2 l de água.o calor específico da água é 1 cal/g °c e sua massa específica é de 1g/cm! se que a temperatura inicial do conjunto é 20°c, quantas caloriasdevem ser fornecidas ao conjunto (panela + água) para elevar sua temperaturaaté 80 °c? ​
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1-Circule no texto abaixo, os verbos que estão no presente continuo. Hi euryone. We are on Holiday...
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