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1. do you know what a student council or government is describe it with your
the text below and check if your answer is correct.
student council is a group of students elected by peers to participate in de
areas of school government. generally, councils participate in the plan
school events such as prom and spint rallies; they also assist administration
events for the local community such as blood drives or donation collectie
student council works with the district's school board, school administration
ent organizations, student body, and local community to decide on and a
projects and initiatives for the school, students, and community.
extracted from
com/academy/lesson/what-is-student- council detination purpose
2. imagine you are running for president of the student council. combine verbs and expo
make a list of what you intend to do.
detention rules
antibullying campaign
fun times
unhealthy meals
gender equality
student participation​

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Sivuute successcomplete as frases usando enough e a palavra entre parenteses,gramatical (substantivo, adjetivo ou advérbio) e a consequente posiçvio) e a consequente posição de enough1. they don't have- to develop that project. (money)2. i am working fast, but notto finish the job on time (fast)3. inflation: when nobody has-, because everybody has too much(mon4. the cake is not bad, but there isn't- in it. (sugar)5. jupiter is- to contain all the other planets in our solar system. (large)6. when it is- you can see the stars. (dark)> > conditional sentences --|observe as estruturas condicionais em destaque nestas frases: if i vote for a hero of our time, nelson mandela will be one of my choices.ifl voted for a hero of our time, nelson mandela would be one of my choices.​
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1. do you know what a student council or government is describe it with your
the text below and...
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