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1. reescreva as frases abaixo completando os espaços em branco com o verbo “to be” no
simple past (passado simples).
a) suzana and i there.
b) they ready to go.
c) debora and her boss at the meeting this morning.
d) he in france last summer.
e) gabriela and joana friends.
f) my car old.
g) my classmates in cuiabá last week.
h) i late for class.
i) the dogs thirsty.
j) we dating last year.
k) felipe a good student.
l) my little brother afraid of the dark.
m) my mother my english teacher in high school.
n) the lion really hungry.
o) she so beautiful in her wedding dress.
p) our sons at the party together.
q) my sisters home during the rain.
r) the table in the truck.

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5.(mód. 18) complete usando na voz passiva os verbosque estão entre parênteses.a) albums (sell)in record shops.b) clothes (create)by designers.c) the information (collect)by thereporters.d) bread (make)at the bakery.e) water polo (play).in a swimming pool​
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1) qual é o avanço tecnológico mais importante dos últimos 100 anos? 2) qual objeto tecnológico você não pode viver sem? 3) o que você acha que a próxima invenção será? 4) você já parou para pensar em quanto ainda avançaremos em tecnologia? 5) pense em todos os gadgets que você possui. agora pense em viver sem eles por uma semana.
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Shoul-shouldn't1) if you are having atest, you talk with a partner2) you arrive on time at english class3) we old peoplewould-wouldn't1) i like to stay here with you 2) you like go to a party today? 3) i love to visit newyork​
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Traduzir pra portugues. - hey, buddy! what's up? hi i'm fine and your own- i'm good too. could you me? -sure, man, what do you nud? - could you lind me your car for one hour? -yeach! i'ii ned the con only at night., brother see ya..- no problemintake and​
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1. reescreva as frases abaixo completando os espaços em branco com o verbo “to be” no
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