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1 – Use the verbs in parentheses in the Simple Present: (Complete as frases usando os verbos que estão no parêntese, Presente Simples)

a)Lenny is a fictional character in the show The Simpsons. He with Homer at a

nuclear power plant and they good friends. (work – be)

b)Chaves is a famous TV sitcom. The episodes on Chaves’

adventures in a fictional neighborhood in Mexico City. Quico, another character, isn’t exactly Chaves’

friend, but they together (focus – play)

c)Augustinho, from the Brazilian series A Grande Família, a

complicated relationship with his wife’s family. (have)

d)Monica, from the American series Friends, an apartment in New York

with her best friend Rachel. Monica a chef in a restaurant. (share – be)

e)Tom and Jerry is a cartoon. When Tom’s owner isn’t at home, he Jerry all the

time. (chase)​

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Pf me ajudem use still, yet and already to write affirmative and negative sentences and questions: olha a foto
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Au climate anda heather thung (traducao)​
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Escreva por extenso as horas: a) 4: 00 b)05: 15 c)06: 30 d)07: 40 e)08: 45 f) 04: 50​
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1. complete using present continuos. a) sheyla tv now. (to watch) b) joana cards. (to play) c) we in the club. (to dance) d) i the report. (to write) e) the students the book. (to read) 2. change to questions the sentences above and give short answeis, negative and affirmative.
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1 – Use the verbs in parentheses in the Simple Present: (Complete as frases usando os verbos que est...
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