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10 frases no futuro preterito em portugues e ingles

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Reecreva as frases,substituindo as palavras em destaque pelo pronome obliquo, object pronome, adequado a) don't contaminate (the air) b) same of (the boys) wanted to photograph (janet) c) he shard (the chocolate) with (his brother) d) daniel visitead (peter and me) on wednsday e) did she send (your colleage and you) a letter ? f) because of (peter) i missed (the train) g) we gave (the floers) to (the teacher ) h) phill wanted to marry (susan) i) how did frank tame (the dogs) ? j) tom dindn ' t behave (the lessons ) k) there is mothing to do with (clara and me)
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Fill in the blanks with the simple past of the verb to be.yesterday hot.the their farm. the lake and his sister and the pool.his the barn.their the lake. happy there.​
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Colocar as palavras em ordem! letras b & f
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Alguém me ajuda nessa lição de inglês
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10 frases no futuro preterito em portugues e ingles...
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