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1-utilize as regras do first conditional e complete os espaços utilizando os verbos entre parênteses
a)if (help) me with my homework, i (finish) it in time to go to the cinema.
b) if (not/rain), the students (practice) sport in the playground.
c) jane (come) home early if (not/be) very busy at work.
d) our teacher (be) pleased if we (do) our homework.
e) if (play) football with us, (win) the match.
d) if we (recycle) more, we (help) our planet.
e) if (share) their cars to go to work, there (not/be) so many car fumes. f) (save) thousands of trees if (waste) so much paper.
g) if the govenment (fine) those who pollute the atmosphere, some (stop) throwing waste into rivers.
h) if we only (use) the water we need, ) to our planet's recovery.
i) if (not study), (fail) the test.
j)) if get) help soon!
k) if ) in the fridge,) some cold drinks.
l) if ) no oil in the engine, the ) down. m)) you my umbrella if ) it.
n) the sea (rise) if the ) hotter.
o) if ) your sandwiches now, (not have) anything for lunch!
p) ) safe in an accident if (wear) your seatbelt.
q) if (save) all his money, (be able to go) on holiday to canada. r) (not come) with you if (not bring) john!

2- faça a primeira condicional: simple present e simple future.

a)if ) out tonight, (go)to the cinema.
b)if ) back late, ) angry.
c) if . see) each other tomorrow, )each other next week.
d)if ), ) surprised.
e) if ) here, ) late
. f)if go) on holiday this summer, ) to spain.
g) if the . improve), . have) a picnic. h)) the party if ) invited.
i) if .go) to bed early, ) tired tomorrow.
j)if ) all this cake, ) sick.
k)) in london if )a job.
l)i f .want) to go out, ) dinner at home. m)) early, if ).
n).get) a better job if .pass) that exam.
o)she ) dinner if )to the supermarket. p)) on holiday if ) time.
q) she ) a taxi if ).
r).go) if .come) with me

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