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33 PONTOS, escreveu besteira só parta ganhar pontos = ban NEWS
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Published: June 25, 2012
By Casey McDermott - Mc Clatchy Newspapers
A far cry from the amous Christ the Redeemer statue or the luxury
Copacabana hotels, these crowded slum communities - called favelas - on the
hillsides of Rio are becoming unlikely stops for visitors who are looking to get a
glimpse of life beyond the bars and beaches in Brazil”s tourist hotspot.
Foreign tourists - and increasingly Brazilians themselves - are flocking
wide-eyed to Rio”s favelas to spend a night at a bed and breakfast , sample local
cuisine , take graffiti workshops or play paint-ball. In some cases, visitors are
settling into these neighborhoods for weeks at a time at venues such as Casa
Alto Vidigal , a favela home-turned-hostel that lures crowds with its bar and
rooftop deck overlooking the city.
Most of the tourists come for just a few hours, long enough to see what
it!s like to live in places that have reputations for crowding, crippling poverty and
clashes between drug gangs and police.
1. Choose the best answer:
A. The text is from :
( ) The opinion section of a newspaper
( ) The news section of a newspaper
B. The text focuses on favelas as:
( ) dangerous places for tourists
( ) tourist attractions
C. The text is about:
( ) different cities in Brazil
( ) a famous city in Brazil
D. Which statement presents the main idea of the text?
( ) Favelas in Rio de janeiro are reducing tourism in Brazil
( ) Favelas in Rio de janeiro are becoming tourist attractions in Brazil
E. Why are tourists visiting Rio”s favelas?
F. ( ) To get the best views of the city from rooftop decks
G. ( ) To better understand the way of life in slum communities
2) Write (T) True or (F) False according to the text:
A. ( ) Most of the tourists visit Rio”s favelas for long hours
B. ( ) Tourists are visiting Rio”s favelas more frequently
C. ( ) Only a small number of Brazilians are visiting Rio”s favelas
D. ( ) Rio”s favelas have reputations for crowding, poverty and clashes
between drug gangs and police .
E. ( ) Casa Alto Vidigal is a luxury hotel in Rio de janeiro
3) Ache no texto e escreva em inglês :
A) Onde estão localizadas as favelas no Rio
B) Quais são as atividades para turistas nas favelas do Rio
4) Retire do texto uma frase que esteja no present continuous:
5) Traduza o grupos nominais abaixo:
a. foreign tourists -
b. local cuisine -
c. graffiti workshops -

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