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7. Read the text and write what you understand: 0,6)
[...] Domestic Animals: Animals who are useful to human beings are termed as domestic
animals. They are usually found in a farm and are known as farm animals. For example, a dog
guards our house, a hen lays eggs, a cow gives milk and meat, and sheep gives wool.
Pet Animals: Animals kept in the house for companionship and fun are pet animals. They are
tamed to stay with humans and do not cause any major damage to human beings. They are
also considered as helpers in the human world. Dogs, cats, mice, rabbits, hamsters are few
pet animals.
Wild Animals: Animals staying in the forests and jungles are wild animals. These can be
dangerous to human life. Most of them are found in zoos for people to visit. Some of them are
also seen in a circus. Lions, tigers, elephants, giraff e, monkey, camel, bear, and deer are a
few wild animals. [...]
Available at: <http://www. animalport. com/animal-information/for-kids. html>
Amazing types: tipos incríveis
Behaviors: comportamento
Companionship: companhia
Damage: estrago, dano
Dangerous: perigoso
Endangered: ameaçado
Forests: florestas
Helpers: ajudantes
Jungles: selvas
Kept: mantidos
Lays eggs: botar ovos
Own characteristics: características próprias
Tamed: adestrado
Termed: denominados
Useful: útil
Wild: Selvagem
Zoos: zoológicos​

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7. Read the text and write what you understand: 0,6)
[...] Domestic Animals: Animals who are u...
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