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Aboute the modal verbs, march the correct alternative:

We are not completely sure but Cindy come back tomorrow.

a. needn’t b. may c. ought

When I was a child, in the summer afternoons we play in the street with boys and girls from the neighbourhood.

a. won’t b. must c. would

I have some more wine, please?

Could b. Needn’t c. Would

I believe my eyes. Is George the one who is standing over there?

won’t b. mustn’t c. can’t

They be the richest person in the village. He’s just bought two luxurious cars.

may not b. ought c. must

He have studied more for the final exam and spend less time playing with the computer.

would b. should c. have to

My bedroom redecorating. I’m tired of the old furniture.

has to b. may c. needs

I rather you checked my exercise before giving it to the teacher.

a. would b. should c. ought to

I use your mobile phone? It’s an emergency.

a. Must b. May c. Won’t

In many schools of England students wear uniforms. It is compulsory.

a. should b. must c. may

Sara’s daughter write perfectly when she was seven.

a. might b. could c. mustn’t

I let you know when I have more information about the matter.

a. would b. will c. can’t

The worst have happened, but fortunately everybody came back safe and sound.

ought to b. might c. can’t

The problem was so difficult that even the teacher solve it.

may b. needed c. couldn’t

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Aboute the modal verbs, march the correct alternative:

We are not completely sure but Cin...