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According to Snoopy,

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Frase com o pronome you referente, na terceira pessoa do plural
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Reescreva as frases abaixo substituindo opor um pronome: a) robert is my brother.b) carol and mar are my best friends.c) paul and i are students.d) i have a computer.e) alice and john are good peoplepreciso urgentemente​
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Os pontos a=(1,7) e b= (2,-4) pertencem respectivamente aos quadrantes​
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Read the sentences below. these are some activities that sulley or mike usually does in the morningwatch the film and check (~) the activities that sulley or mike are doing today.( ) a) sleep in the morning ( )f) swim( ) k) eat in a restaurant( b) wake sulley up( ) g) play soccerc )) read the newspaperc) work out( ) h) drive his car ( )m) carry their bagsc ) d) brush his teeth( ) i) walk to work( )n) listen to rock music( ) e) watch tv( )) jump the rope​
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