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Along time ago in japan there lived an old farmer and his wife. the
and gentle and always had a smile for everyone he met, but his wife was
veryone he met, but his wife was cold and very bad-
u. they had no children to help them, so as they got older, they had to work even
harder just to survive. the old man found and tamed a little sparrow, and taught it many
kinds of tricks. when he came in from the fields at the end of each day, the sparrow would
welcome him home, and sing and dance for him; so in spite of his hardships the old man
went to bed happy each night.
one day the old man had to go far into the forest to cut wood. it was laundry day, and
his wife was in a bad mood as she prepared the starch for the clothes and set it outside to
cool. while she was washing the clothes, the sparrow flew down to the starch and, as the old
man had taught it to, pecked at the starch until it was gone. when the old won
the starch and saw that the sparrow had eaten it, she went into a rage. she gra
in one hand and with the other she picked up her scissors and cut off the tip of its to
then she threw the sparrow out the door, and it tiew away as fast as it could go
that night when the old man came home there was no sparrow to greet
his heart. when he questioned his wife, she admitted what she had done. addir
riddance! that bird has always caused more work for me."
the poor man was devastated .before dawn the next morning he took off to look for his little sparrrow (alguem pode traduzir)​

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exercise: put the verb in the right form. 1. david (shave) when his wife (come) home yesterday. 2. the claytons (celebrate) a birthday party when i (phone) last friday. susan (record) everything with her camcorder and everybody (have) fun. 3. when the earthquake (destroy) their house, the claytons (shop) in town. luckily, they (sleep) or watching tv at home. 4. while tom and sally (go) to school, their little sister (sleep) peacefully in her bed. she was with the flu. 5. while they (play) cards, somebody (break) into the house. 6. we (play) monopoly when the lights (go off). 7. the chef (cook) a delicious meal when the guests (start) to arrive. 8. the man (talk) on the phone when he (crash) against the other car. on the other hand, the woman (put on) some make-up when the accident (happen). 9. while he (talk) on the phone, his baby (sleep). 10. diana (kiss) her boyfriend when her parents (come back) home from the theatre.
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Alguém sabe a 3 por favor urgente ​
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Fin the gaps in the dialogue below and practice it with a friendcan you of course,can you! my friend! ​
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Selecione a opção correta: quantas pessoas tem na festa? a) how many people are there in the party? b)are there how many people in the party? c)how many people is there in the party? ​
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Along time ago in japan there lived an old farmer and his wife. the
and gentle and always had a...
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