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_ very early.
2. what time do you usually
_ home from scholl?
_ of here!
cria condecorado com uma pequena ordem das ..
atasse alguns peixinhos u.
4. i hurt my foot as i was
5. in japanese homes, people typically
6. nail is going to
7. john and sally sometimes
8. please
9. the psychologist is going to
the bus.
their shoes.
_ a job as a marketing consultant.
at weekends.
this form with your data.
_ the tests answers
10. calm,
this beautiful dress.
11. can you
_ the tv set please?
12. i think you must
13. my sister and my brother - in - law
last sunday. is
an employment answer.
15. it's too cold, why don't you
_ this anorak?
_on wednesday, ok?
17.a vocational test can
the best career for you.
home at about 10 every nights.
in a few days my darling.
20. we always
when the principal comes here.
10 ) look through
c get in
( ) take off
( ) give up
c get out
( ) turn on
( ) go out
( ) hold on
( ) broke up
( ) face up
( ) look for
( ) call up
( ) fill in
( put on
( ) get up
( ) try on
( getting off
( ) point out
( ) get back
( ) stand up
( ) looking forward to

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Para uma história em quadrinhos com 2 personagem com 5 exemplos de presente perfect nas suas falas
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Retire do fragmento abaixo , a ideia geral do que dizem os pesquisadores sobre a crianças que participam do jantar em familia . because researchers claim that kids who have these regular family dinners have better behavior and a larger vocabulary they are also less likely to smoke drink do drugs or have eating disorders time with their parents makes kids more stable and gives them a sense of belonging and safety plus they learn beter manners . tradução : porque os pesquisadores afirmam que as crianças que têm esses jantares familiares regulares têm um comportamento melhor e um vocabulário maior, elas também são menos propensas a fumar drogas ou ter transtornos alimentares com seus pais, tornando as crianças mais estáveis ​​e lhes dando uma sensação de pertença e segurança. eles aprendem boas maneiras.
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Leia e traduza loop at the of the page. you can see two different pictures. on the left you can see a cowboy betweens two cows. the cows are wild brut the cowboy is not afraid. on the right you can see a thief. he is aniong many people. a thief steals money and tinha from people. prepositions between (entre) a preposição "betwen" indica 1. um ser entre dois outros seres: paul is between mary and jone. (paulo está entre maria e jane.) the horses is between the cow and the donkey. (o cavalo está entre a vaca e o burr.)
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_ very early.
2. what time do you usually
_ home from scholl?
_ of here! <...
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