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Choose the correct answer (Escolhe a resposta correta)! 1. Oh no! We are too late! Nobody opens the door. They_(to go/ already) out.

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a. already go

b. are already going

c. have already gone

d. already gone

2. Sarah _( to cook) thirty pancakes today.

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a. cook

b. is cooking

c. cooks

d. has cooked

3. The climate _ (to change) rapidly nowadays.

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a. is changing

b. changes

c. has changed

d. is changed

4. I _(never / to be) to Spain.

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a. was never

b. am never being

c. have never been

d. am never

5. He _ ( to get up) at 8 o’clock every day.

1 ponto

a. has got up

b. is getting up

c. gets up

d. get up

6. Look! The puppy _(to swim).

1 ponto

a. swims

b. is swiming

c. is swimming

d. swim

7. We all know that the Earth _(to be ) round.

1 ponto

a. has been

b. is being

c. is

d. is be

8. Oh, no way, I _(to see) that girl before!

1 ponto

a. see

b. is seeing

c. have seen

d. has seen

9. The bus from Brasilia_(to arrive) at 11:30.

1 ponto

a. arrives

b. is arriving

c. has arrive

d. arrive

10. My father usually_(to drink) a cup of coffee before going to work.

1 ponto

a. is drinking

b. drinks

c. drink

d. has drunk

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