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Example Number We don't use articles before:
Choose the options that completes each sentence appropriately.
b. The birth of (Ø) (a) cinema is credited to (a) (the) Lumière Brothers. In 1895, they made (a) (the)
music hinh nandini (tholfhoto no ining (O) (the) Kumière factory to go (O) (the)
people's names
possessive adjectives (my, your etc.)
4 -
abstract nouns
non-count nouns referring to general things
a. Susan: Where are (Ø) (the) movie tickets?
Barry: They 're in (a) (the) car.
For more details about Articles, see page 186
et (The) movies are made with (a) (the) series of photographs wich are put together and shown
at (a) (the) certain speed to create (an) (the) illusion of moviement.
d. (Ø) (A) movie diretor must creative, disciplined and patient. Dealing with (Ø) (the) movie stars is
not (a) (an) easy task!
e. I don't really like (Ø) (the) horror movies, but there is (a) (the) horror that i think it's (Ø) (a)
classic: Mama.
f. I really like (an) (the) actress who played (a) (the) main character in Anna Karenina. What's (O)
(the) her name again?
g. There's (a) (an) amazing scene in (A) (The) Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. (a) (the)
one when there is (a) (an) big battle. Do you remember it?
h. Have you seen Night at the Museum at (Ø) (the) movies or on (Ø) (the) DVD?​

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exercise: put the verb in the right form. 1. david (shave) when his wife (come) home yesterday. 2. the claytons (celebrate) a birthday party when i (phone) last friday. susan (record) everything with her camcorder and everybody (have) fun. 3. when the earthquake (destroy) their house, the claytons (shop) in town. luckily, they (sleep) or watching tv at home. 4. while tom and sally (go) to school, their little sister (sleep) peacefully in her bed. she was with the flu. 5. while they (play) cards, somebody (break) into the house. 6. we (play) monopoly when the lights (go off). 7. the chef (cook) a delicious meal when the guests (start) to arrive. 8. the man (talk) on the phone when he (crash) against the other car. on the other hand, the woman (put on) some make-up when the accident (happen). 9. while he (talk) on the phone, his baby (sleep). 10. diana (kiss) her boyfriend when her parents (come back) home from the theatre.
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Iam well today forma abreviada am is ou are​
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Biografia de algum escritores em inglês? ? ​
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Me ajudem pfv é pra hj! complete as sentenças abaixo com am,are ou is: a) popular comic strip.b) big fan of peanuts.its main brown and snoopy.c) brown's dog.d)charlie brown has a little sister too.her .e)charlie brown and from each other​
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Choose the options that completes each sentence a...
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