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Fill in the blanks below with one of the 15irregular past tense verbs in the box. became ,broke ,drove, fell, fought, flew , hid, hit ,lost , put ,spoke ,stood ,taught thought ,won
(1) It was a windy day so we flew a kite.
(2) He drove his car to the park.
(3) She hid under the sofa so her mom couldn't find her.
(4) Our teacher taught us about dinosaurs in class today.
(5) We won our game 6 to 3 so we were very happy.
(6) The cup fell off the table and broke.
(7) He became angry when the other kids teased him.
(8) I asked him to sit down, but he just stood by the door.
(9) She hit the baseball and got a homerun.
(10) He hurt his hand when he fell down.
(11) The armies fought on the battlefield.
(12) He put away his toys and cleaned his room.
(13) She lost her key so she couldn't open the door.
(14) She spoke to us in a funny voice.
(15) I thought the movie was very exciting.
- Fill in the blanks below with one of the 15 irregular past tense verbs in the box.
bit ,chose, felt, found ,held, kept , left, meant, paid , quit ,sold ,shut ,spent, told, wore
(1) Lucky me! I found some money on the ground.
(2) He sold his comic book collection to a friend for $20.00.
(3) I was cold so I shut the window.
(4) There were many colors, but I chose a blue one.
(5) It was a windy day so I wore a warm coat.
(6) He held the baby very gently in his arms.
(7) She spent $50 on new shoes and paid $30 for her pants.
(8) I left my bag at school so I have to go back and get it.
(9) I didn't enjoy playing baseball so I quit the team.
(10) He kept asking same question again and again.
(11) I meant what I said.
(12) He told the truth.
(13) When she bit into the apple, she saw a worm.
(14) I felt nervous when I spoke in front of the class.

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