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In some regions of the world such as africa and asia, different languages are used in the daily life of different communities. the use of a foreign language at school was the theme of a study done by unesco in order to clarify the role of the first and the second language in children´s learning. read the following text to know more about it.

un report recommends mother tongue for teaching early classes to boost performance

1 a new study has recommended use of mother tongue during teaching for at least six years of early learning to boost academic performance. learning is slow if teaching is conducted in a language other than the one used at home by the children.

2 the unesco report’s key recommendation is that education policies should recognise the importance of mother tongue learning. it further recommends that teachers should to be trained to teach in two languages and to understand the needs of second-language learners.

3 at home, “parents may lack literacy skills or familiarity with official languages used in school, which can then reinforce gaps in learning opportunities between minority and majority language groups,” says the report.

4 university of nairobi socio-linguists and communications expert, dr silas oriaso, said the report is encouraging the use of a language that can make children understand what they are being taught.

5 director of unesco’s gem report, aaron benavot, said language could serve as a double-edged sword. “while it strengthens an ethnic group’s social ties and sense of belonging, it can also become a basis for their marginalisation.”

6 the report says that 40 per cent of children do not access education in a language they understand. unesco director-general irina bokova said it is essential to encourage use of mother language in teaching and learning, and to promote linguistic diversity.

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based on the previous text, consider the following statements:

i) foreign language should gradually replace mother tongue.

ii) language can be an instrument of freedom or of domain.

iii) children taught in a foreign language learn more easily.

iv) education has to teach people embrace linguistic diversity.

it is only correct what is stated on:

i, ii and iv.

ii and iv.

ii, iii and iv.

i, ii and iii.

ii and iii.

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