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JOHN'S ROUTINE Every day John gets up at seven and he has breakfast. He has milk, cookies and apple for breakfast.
Then, he brushes his teeth and gets dressed. Later he goes to school by car. He has lunch at school at quarter
past twelve. He finishes to school at quarter to two.
On Monday and Thursday he has English classes. In the afternoon, he does his homework at home and
he watches TV. In the evening he takes a bath and reads a book. Then, he has dinner with his family at ten
o'clock. Later, John watches movie with his sister Anne. Finally, he goes to the bed at eleven o'clock.
1) De acordo com o texto, as frases abaixo são TRUE (T) ou FALSE (F)?
John goes to school in the afternoon ( )
John has a shower in the morning ( )
John has lunch at school ( )
John eats apple for lunch. ( )
John goes to bed at 11:00 ( )
2) Corrija as frases falsas da primeira questão transformando-as em verdadeiras trocando apenas uma palavra.
3) Retire do texto os verbos que estão no Simple presente ( 13 verbos)
4) Passe o primeiro parágrafo do texto para a primeira pessoa do singular. (1)​

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Escreva por extenso as horas: a) 4: 00 b)05: 15 c)06: 30 d)07: 40 e)08: 45 f) 04: 50​
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Sivuute successcomplete as frases usando enough e a palavra entre parenteses,gramatical (substantivo, adjetivo ou advérbio) e a consequente posiçvio) e a consequente posição de enough1. they don't have- to develop that project. (money)2. i am working fast, but notto finish the job on time (fast)3. inflation: when nobody has-, because everybody has too much(mon4. the cake is not bad, but there isn't- in it. (sugar)5. jupiter is- to contain all the other planets in our solar system. (large)6. when it is- you can see the stars. (dark)> > conditional sentences --|observe as estruturas condicionais em destaque nestas frases: if i vote for a hero of our time, nelson mandela will be one of my choices.ifl voted for a hero of our time, nelson mandela would be one of my choices.​
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Selecione a opção correta: 1) nada há nada que eu possa fazer.a) there arent nothing i can do.b) there isnt nothing i can do.c) theres nothing i can do.2) não tem nada melhor do que falar inglês.a) there arent nothing better than speaking english.b)there isnt nothing better than speaking english.c)there is nothing better than speaking english3- o que tem pra fazer hoje? a)what theres to do today? b)what are there to day today? c)what is there to do today? ​
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Reescreva as frases abaixo substituindo opor um pronome: a) robert is my brother.b) carol and mar are my best friends.c) paul and i are students.d) i have a computer.e) alice and john are good peoplepreciso urgentemente​
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