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Language in use
ar note
making comparisons
read the fragments below and match the following columns. write the answers in
rds are the smallest of all big cats, but definitely have the most powerful legs.
.05 s faster than his olympic time.
no other sport was as interesting as judo.
when two elements are equal in a compari
1. the superlative form
(the smallest, the most powerful).
il. the comparative form (faster than).
iii. as + adjective + as
(as interesting as).
we use
none element is compared to another, we use
oment is compared to other elements
more) from the same group, we use
c. when one element is compared
(two or more) from the same gro
with the fastest, faster than or as fast as to complete the sentences below.
each icon
2. replace each
in the 2012 olympics.
man in the world. in 2009 he ran
write the answers in your notebook.
man in the world. in 200
a. usain bolt is
b. the cheetah is o land animal. it is
the killer whale.
water animal. it is
the sailfish is
the sailfish or the killer whale.
d. the dolphin isn't
entences about sarah menezes and choose the correct adjectives as in the example
below. write the answers in your notebook.
example: a. the best
sarah menezes was better the best judoka in the -48kg category in the london 2012 olympic:
she won a gold medal.
b. she is one of more talented the most talented brazilian judokas.
she became the first brazilian woman to win gold in judo at an olympic games.
she was one of younger/the youngest brazilian athletes in the london 2012 olympics.
she was just 22!
d. she participated in the -48kg category. she wasn't
one of heavier/the heaviest judokas at all!
read the sentence below and replace the icon
comparative or superlative. write the answer in your
form because
the adjectives in exercise 3 are in the
sarah menezes is being compared to other judokas.
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Language in use
ar note
making comparisons
read the fragments below and match the fol...
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