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Me ajudem a achar as palavras certas a serem usadas English Activity –  Semana SEI - 1st Grades



Grammar review - 1 -Choose the correct pronouns to complete the sentences.


Victor has always lived in the city. (He, His) likes the noise and excitement. The city is home to (it, him) . (Him, His) favorite city is New York City. (It, Its) is one of the largest cities in the world. (His, Him) girlfriend, Brenda, hates (her, it) . (Her, She) likes London. (She, Her) says that people in New York are too noisy. (It, She) says (them, they) move too fast and never seem to stop. Victor says that is why (he, him) likes (their, them) . (He, His) says (he, his) likes (them, their) energy. Brenda says that the people in London are nicer. (You, Your) can ask (they, them) for directions and (they, them) will tell (your, you) exactly where to go. Victor likes (his, him) city and Brenda likes (her, hers) . Victor says (hers, her) favorite city may be the capital of England, but (his, him) is the capital of the world!


2- Match T (true) or F (false) to the statements.


a) Brenda hates London. (    )

b) Vitor likes the new Yorkers` energy. (   )

c) People in London are very rude. (   )

d) Brenda loves big cities. (   )

e) New York is not one of the city in the world. (   )

f) Brenda is Victor’s girlfriend. (   )

g) London is not the capital of England. (   )

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Me ajudem a achar as palavras certas a serem usadas English Activity –  Semana SEI - 1st Grades
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