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ME AJUDEMM PLEASE Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect or Simple Past Tense
1. "(you ever be) to the USA?""Yes, I(go) there last summer.""How long(you stay)?""A month.""(you like) it?"
2. It (just, stop) raining.
3." (you take) the dog out yet?""Yes, I(take) him out when I(come) home.
4. "Have you got Henry's new address?"" (he change) his address? I(not know). I (send) a letter to him at the old address last week".
5. I'm not very well. I (eat and drink) too much.
6. "My son(not start) work yet, he is still at University." "How long (he be) at University?" "He (be) there three years. Before that he (spend) five years at the High School in Park street.
7." (you ever be) to Disneyland ?" "Yes, I (go) there last year, when I (spend) a week in Paris with my children. It (be) fantastic."
8."(the kids have) fun at the fair?" "Oh, yes! They (enjoy) themselves a lot and they (not want) to come back home".
9. "I can't drive. I (lose) my glasses. (you see) them anywhere?" "No, sorry. Perhaps you (leave) them at the theatre."
10. "I(just make)some tea. Would you like some?" "No, thanks. I (have) two cups an hour ago and I (just have) a coffee with Tim."
11."(Tom pass) his driving test?"Yes, but the he(not receive) his driving license yet. He(drive) my car twice. He's a good driver."
12. "(Joan call yet)?""Yes, she(ring) three times this morning and she(already ring) twice this afternoon.""I'm sorry I(not be) here when she(call).(she leave) a message?""Yes, she(say) that sehe couldn't come to the party tonight.""Oh, what a pity! I wanted to see her very much, I (not see) her for the last two months.
13. "Where(you be)?""I(be) to the cinema with Joe.""What(you see)?""Murder in Crete.(you see) it?""No, I(never hear) of it.(you like) it?"
14."This book sounds interesting. Who(write) it?""A new novelist. It already(sell) 300,000 copies.""Can I borrow it?""It's not mine. It's Jennifer's.""(she read) it?""I think so"
15. Who (take) my notebook? I(leave) it on this shelf when I(go) out.
16."What time(you make) up this morning?""At five, and then I (go) for a walk in the woods.""I(never wake) upso early in my life."
17."How long is it since you last (see) Julia?""Well, as a matter of fact I(meet) her yesterday. She(be) in London for a week.
18."Hallo Susan. You look very well. What(happen)?""I (have) wonderful news. I (win) a moped!
19.When I(come) to this house, it(be) a very quiet neighborhood but since then a new housing estate(be) built and it(become) very noisy.
20. Nick(go) cycling two hours ago and he (not come) back yet.​

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5.(mód. 18) complete usando na voz passiva os verbosque estão entre parênteses.a) albums (sell)in record shops.b) clothes (create)by designers.c) the information (collect)by thereporters.d) bread (make)at the bakery.e) water polo (play).in a swimming pool​
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They love country, and we love   *c) theirs; oursa) their; oursd) their; ourb) theirs; ours​
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What is a family? who is a family? one and another makes two is a family! baby and father and mother: a family! parents and sister and brother: a familyall kinds of people can make up a familyall kinds of mixtures can make up a family​
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Preciso da resposta do livro de inglês da página 103/ exercício 2-a 8° ano
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ME AJUDEMM PLEASE Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect or Simple Past Tense
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