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(o da pratica) 1) Leia o texto sobre Anny, uma menina americana contando sobre sua vida e complete a
My name is Anny. I was born on March 8th. When I was fourteen years old I moved to
Madrid. Before I lived in New York with my family. Now I live in Madrid with my friends.
In New York I spoke English, I played tennis and studied at Saint Clare now I speak
Spanish, I play handball and study at Laguna school.
In the Past (No Passado)
Now (Atualmente)

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Me ajudem só quem já passou dessa lição homework 10 lição 2 do t2 wizard eu sei que tem que escutar o homem falando no app mas eu não entendi o que eles falam então me ajudem por favor ♥️
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Homeworkuse the words in the box (from "the world goes global") to complete the text.tradecultures economics globalization (2x) interact linking nations technologiesglobalization is sometimes defined as theof the world's nations through trade. thisamongallows people from differenttowith each other. people disagree about the effects ofonsome people think that it them with jobs and newhowever, others believe thatdestroys the cultural traditions of smaller groups.​
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Traduzir pra portugues. - hey, buddy! what's up? hi i'm fine and your own- i'm good too. could you me? -sure, man, what do you nud? - could you lind me your car for one hour? -yeach! i'ii ned the con only at night., brother see ya..- no problemintake and​
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Me ajudem pfv é pra hj! complete as sentenças abaixo com am,are ou is: a) popular comic strip.b) big fan of peanuts.its main brown and snoopy.c) brown's dog.d)charlie brown has a little sister too.her .e)charlie brown and from each other​
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(o da pratica) 1) Leia o texto sobre Anny, uma menina americana contando sobre sua vida e complete...
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