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Obs. : não precisa fazer a questão 2.

2. replace the icons o with the correct form of
the verbs in parentheses to complete the
following text about brazil. use the present
continuous tense. write the answers in your
brazil is safer than ever, and the big cities like rio and sao paulo o (enjoy) a kind of renaissance. graffiti o (disappear). new restaurants and cafes o (dot) the streets even brazil's shanty towns, or favelas, o
(experience) a rebirth as residents take back their communities from the drug lords

3. in your notebook put the words in the correct order to make questions about the text from exercise 2. then, answer the questions.
a. are/favelas/why/experiencing a rebirth
b. is/what/happening to graffit?
c the text ment cities

4. replace the icons with question words to complete the questions about an important brazilian painting. write the answers in your notebook
a. _ is the name of the painting?
b _ does it mean?
abaporu means "the man who eats
c _ is its painter?
tarsila do amaral.
d. _ art movement does the painting belong to?
the modernist movement
e. _ is the painting important to the modernist movement?
because it represents renovation and freedom of brazil's national art.
f. o is abaporu exhibited?
at the latin american art museum of buenos aires.

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Obs. : não precisa fazer a questão 2.

2. replace the icons o with the correct form of
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