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Observe o cartaz no texto anterior. Você consegue reconhecer algumas palavras em inglês eseus significados? Qual(is)? * 2 pontos
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boys, girls, negroes, August, consisting
Thirty-nine, sold, cargo, men, women
Thwenty-four, arrived, sixteen, healthy, prime

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exercise: put the verb in the right form. 1. david (shave) when his wife (come) home yesterday. 2. the claytons (celebrate) a birthday party when i (phone) last friday. susan (record) everything with her camcorder and everybody (have) fun. 3. when the earthquake (destroy) their house, the claytons (shop) in town. luckily, they (sleep) or watching tv at home. 4. while tom and sally (go) to school, their little sister (sleep) peacefully in her bed. she was with the flu. 5. while they (play) cards, somebody (break) into the house. 6. we (play) monopoly when the lights (go off). 7. the chef (cook) a delicious meal when the guests (start) to arrive. 8. the man (talk) on the phone when he (crash) against the other car. on the other hand, the woman (put on) some make-up when the accident (happen). 9. while he (talk) on the phone, his baby (sleep). 10. diana (kiss) her boyfriend when her parents (come back) home from the theatre.
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Alguém sabe essa por favor pra me ajudar não sei muito o inglês​
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Sivuute successcomplete as frases usando enough e a palavra entre parenteses,gramatical (substantivo, adjetivo ou advérbio) e a consequente posiçvio) e a consequente posição de enough1. they don't have- to develop that project. (money)2. i am working fast, but notto finish the job on time (fast)3. inflation: when nobody has-, because everybody has too much(mon4. the cake is not bad, but there isn't- in it. (sugar)5. jupiter is- to contain all the other planets in our solar system. (large)6. when it is- you can see the stars. (dark)> > conditional sentences --|observe as estruturas condicionais em destaque nestas frases: if i vote for a hero of our time, nelson mandela will be one of my choices.ifl voted for a hero of our time, nelson mandela would be one of my choices.​
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Observe o cartaz no texto anterior. Você consegue reconhecer algumas palavras em inglês eseus signif...
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