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HI Adriana,
How are things back in Rome? Are you glad to be home again? Sorry I haven't written lately. I've
been a bit depressed. My grades aren't as good as they used to be. Classes didn't use to be so
I have to say, I miss you. You used to be such a good influence on me! These days, I oversleep. I
often miss my classes! That never used to happen because I knew I had to meet you at the café in
the morning. I remember how you would complain about the coffee here in Canada. You used to
call it "brown water"
I'm spending too much money too. Every time I go to the mall. I see something I want to buy.
That's another reason I miss you! I would see some great jacket but you wouldn't let me buy it.
You would always tell me I didn't need it and drag me away!
Also, I have a noisy new roommate, Cindy. All she ever does is gab on her celll Remember the
way we would sit around talking? You always used to make me laugh. I bet that's a big reason I
never used to feel stressed like I do now!
Anyway, exams will be over on Friday, so I'm sure I'll feel better then.
Write soonl
RICHARDS, J. C. "SANDY, C. Passages. Cambndge: CUP 2008. p.74 (Adapted
Julgue as frases de acordo com o texto
I. The word "oversleep" in the sentence These days, loversleep, means sleep for longer
than intended.
II. Annie used to complain about the coffee because of its "brown water appearance.
III. We can state that the word “miss" in the sentence I have to say, I miss you" has the
same meaning as in the phrase I often miss my classes!"
IV. Annie is a bit depressed but she thinks she will be better as soon as she finishes her
V. The verb "to gab" in the sentence "All she ever does is gab on her cell means to talk
continuously, especially about things which are not important
Marque a resposta correta.
a) I, II and I are correct.
b) I, III and V are correct.
c) III and IV are correct
d) I, IV and V are correct.
e) Only V is correct
Coughing Kittias​

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How are things back in Rome? Are you glad to be home again? Sorry I...
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