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Read the text below in order to answer questions from 01 to 05. It is part of an interview with Michael Swan, author of and . Both are English grammars. Questão 01 - According to the text, it is possible to infer that Swan’s interest in English: *
(A) was not perceptible.
(B) could not let him study.
(C) would be enough if he was old.
(D) has started when he was at school.
(E) decreased a lot when he started to write grammars.
Questão 02 - Michael Swan realizes that language is: *
(A) dull.
(B) lovely.
(C) dynamic.
(D) unmeaning.
(E) unobtrusive.
Questão 03 - The gaps in blank in the text need to be filled with the following prepositions: *
(A) in – at
(B) at – at
(C) at – on
(D) on – on
(E) in – in
Questão 04 - *
Imagem sem legenda
(A) time.
(B) result.
(C) reason.
(D) purpose.
(E) contrast.
Questão 05 - Michael Swan is also an English teacher. The word “teacher” is made by the suffix “er”, which is bonded with the verb “teach” and indicates: *
(A) group.
(B) quality.
(C) subject.
(D) profession.
(E) development.
Consider the text below in order to answer the following two questions:

Questão 06 - The comic strip above can be considered funny because Alice coudn’t get what she should do. It has happened because: *
(A) she was confused about the appropriate usage of two prepositions of place.
(B) her father was in a hurry and didn’t understand what she was trying to explain.
(C) her opinion about prepositions was not advanced enough so she couldn’t understand it.
(D) the table where Alice must have sat was messy and the girl was finding a way to solve it.
(E) there were a lot of food on the table and she was unable to enjoy the dinnertime in her chair.
Questão 07 - Non-verbal elements are shown in the text in order to: *
(A) make the language of the text feasible.
(B) analyze if the girl was understanding her dad.
(C) represent the moment in which Alice has fallen down.
(D) criticize Alice’s learning process by the time she was in doubt.
(E) develop the idea of confusable words that mix different prepositions.
Text for the next two questions:

Questão 08 - The meme above exposes the confusion between verbs which end in “ing” (gerund) and nouns ended in “ing” (suffix). It happens with all the following confusable words, : *
(A) spring.
(B) feeling.
(C) reading.
(D) learning.
(E) drinking.
Questão 09 - Adjectives are words responsible for classifying a noun. In the text, can be considered an adjective the word: *
(A) if.
(B) or.
(C) tell.
(D) gerunds.
(E) noun-like.
Questão 10 - Consider the reconstruction: “Can’t tell if gerunds are noun-like verbs or verb-like nouns. solve this misunderstanding, studying is important”. It is correct to complete the gap with the following conjunction: *
(A) Before
(B) So as to
(C) Because
(D) As tough
(E) In spite of

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Read the text below in order to answer questions from 01 to 05. It is part of an interview with Mich...
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