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Teach in July JENNY BELL: I work with my husband. We work in a hospital. I'm a nu
work in the evening and at the weekend. My husband isn't a nurse - he
doctor. He works in the evening, too, but he doesn't work at the weeke
like the hospital.
JASON BURKE: I don't like my job. I'm a waiter. I work in a
restaurant. I work six days a week. I don't work on Tuesdays
starts in the morning, and it finishes at night. It's a diff
Read the texts about the people's jobs and choose the places where they work.
c) supermarket
e) park
shopping center
d) restaurant
f) hospital​

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Sivuute successcomplete as frases usando enough e a palavra entre parenteses,gramatical (substantivo, adjetivo ou advérbio) e a consequente posiçvio) e a consequente posição de enough1. they don't have- to develop that project. (money)2. i am working fast, but notto finish the job on time (fast)3. inflation: when nobody has-, because everybody has too much(mon4. the cake is not bad, but there isn't- in it. (sugar)5. jupiter is- to contain all the other planets in our solar system. (large)6. when it is- you can see the stars. (dark)> > conditional sentences --|observe as estruturas condicionais em destaque nestas frases: if i vote for a hero of our time, nelson mandela will be one of my choices.ifl voted for a hero of our time, nelson mandela would be one of my choices.​
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Inever drive car to school, but they always drive
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Shoul-shouldn't1) if you are having atest, you talk with a partner2) you arrive on time at english class3) we old peoplewould-wouldn't1) i like to stay here with you 2) you like go to a party today? 3) i love to visit newyork​
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Alguém poderia corrigir os erros? 25 pontos! tenho que preparar uma apresentação curtinha (1 minuto) em dupla dando a minha opinião sobre a educação online em inglês. qualquer crítica construtiva é bem vinda: ) me: good morning everyone! today my friend maria and i are going to talk about text 1 on page 97 i think online education is an amazing thing because we can learn a lot of things anywhere, anytime and it made information more accessible maria: for sure, but in my opinion online education a lot of people but a face to face class with a teacher is still the best option
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Teach in July JENNY BELL: I work with my husband. We work in a hospital. I'm a nu
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