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The Magic of Friendship What is the magic called friendship?

Friendship is a relationship that involves mutual admiration, trust, respect
and affection.

Friends are people you know well, like and believe in. Your tastes are usually
similar and your friends share enjoyable activities with you. They also help
you in various situations and give you advice.

But for many people, friendship is nothing more than the confidence that
someone or something will not hurt them.

Friends often demonstrate a desire for the best of each other, are often
sympathetic. Real friends are honest, they tell the truth. They share mutual
understanding, too.

Friends usually demonstrate their affection in different forms of physical
contact, which depend especially on each person’s culture. In the West, for
example, young children and female friends show these manifestations with
greater frequency.

Finally, we cannot omit how long a friendship can last, the happiness that
fills the air when friends ar ae together , and the comfort that a friend offers when he is close to you or the sadness you
cannot escape when a friend is not near.

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The Magic of Friendship What is the magic called friendship?

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