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Thousands of Argentinians say goodbye to Maradona Thousands of football fans paid their final

respects to football legend Diego Maradona on

Thursday. Huge crowds lined the streets of the

capital Buenos Aires to catch a glimpse of the car

carrying his body. The car was draped in the

Argentina flag and a football shirt bearing his

trademark number 10. Thousands more silently

walked past his coffin as it was put on public display

at the Presidential Palace. They were weeping,

blowing kisses to their hero and praying. Maradona

passed away on Wednesday, aged 60. He died of

a heart attack. Argentina's government declared

three days of national mourning for him. One fan said: "Maradona represents Argentinianess. He transcended

football. He has my respect. I had to be here."

Diego Armando Maradona is widely regarded as one of the greatest players ever to step onto a football

pitch. Many consider him to be the best. He captained his national team when Argentina won the 1986 World

Cup. He scored the famous "Hand of God" goal against England in the quarter-finals. In that same game, he

scored another goal that was voted as the greatest goal of the twentieth century. Maradona played for Barcelona

in Spain and Napoli in Italy. Current Barcelona captain Lionel Messi said: "Maradona will never leave us because

Diego is eternal." Brazilian legend Pele, a constant rival to Maradona for the world's greatest ever player

accolade, said he hoped to one day, "play together in the sky" with Maradona.

1) Guess if I-IV below are true (T) or false (F).

I - The article says hundreds of thousands of fans line the streets. T / F

II - Maradona's body was put on display at the national stadium. T / F

III - The article says Maradona was the best football player ever. T / F

IV - Maradona played football in Italy and Spain. T / F

The correct sequence is:

A) T – T – F – F

B) T – F – F – T

C) F – F – F – T

D) F – T – T – F

E) T – F – T – T​

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