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Turn the sentences into the negative and interrogative . 1 - She made a cake
2- The girls sang beautiful songs
3-The boys swam in the sea
4-My sister told me a story
5-Mary ate pasta last night
6-He had a blue shirt yesterday
7-Susan gave her son a kiss
8-Tim read two books in the summer
9- I wrote an email
10-We slept 10 hours last night

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Boa noite. estou precisando urgentemente de ajuda neste itens de inglês. caso alguém possa me ajudar ficarei encarecidamente agradecida. complete using the conditional: 1. if i were you, i (get) a new classmate for the work. 2. if she (be) single, she would travel more. 3. if they (not/give up) studying, they will be excellent doctors. 4. if i had met you before, i (invite) you for my marriage.
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Shoul-shouldn't1) if you are having atest, you talk with a partner2) you arrive on time at english class3) we old peoplewould-wouldn't1) i like to stay here with you 2) you like go to a party today? 3) i love to visit newyork​
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Me ajudem por favor pergunta, qual é o estado físico de cada vitamina a 100 graus centígrados e 1atm​
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1. change into negative interrogative. a. you can encourage your brother to study more. b. she could have more discipline with her studies. c. we must be more determined to achieve our goals. d. he shouldn't feel bad about that misunderstanding. e. they won't make a decision without the teacher. f. we would make an effort to her.
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Turn the sentences into the negative and interrogative . 1 - She made a cake
2- The girls sa...