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Voz passiva da frase thousands of people ride the underground every morning

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1substitua os itens destacados por 1 jonh told jane a story. 2 you and i met jonh and jane. 3 garfield chase odie. 4 jonh and i ride a bike. 5 jane listened to rock. 6 jane and mary love jude and ane. 7 jane and you watch you tobe 8 justin had many likes.​
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Complete dito have to don't have to has to-doesn't have toi arrive at school at 7: 30you study, we have a testhe drink and drive we stop at red light she be polilethey have to go to school on sundays​
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ensino fundamental (básico) inglês 5 pontos a) qual é o objetivo do bilhete de kristen? b) o pronome my, na linha 3, está relacionando a quê? c) observe a ocorrência de 's no bilhete. o que você acha que esse 's significa? 2. go back to kristen's note. match the parts of the sentenças properly. a) a palavra my na sexta linha [ ] indica a quem pertence. b) o uso de 's após o nome [ ] está relacionanda ao substantivo child
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1. complete the sentences with the tag questions. a. petter is your cousin, ? b. the cat wasn't lovelly ? c. you can do anything. ? e. i don't know about the problema of life. ? f. he doesn't married ? g. they will live in that home. ? h. the men havent live on the streets. ? i. we are together. ? j. you didnt like me. ?
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Voz passiva da frase thousands of people ride the underground every morning...
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