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When we Irregular Post Tenses
Complete the story below changing the verbs into the past
tense. These are irregular verbs
Growing up, my brothers and I (be) fogether all the time, but
(grow) up the only time we
(have) time for each other was when we
(90) camping. We (drive) for miles
into the woods. We (wear) our walking
and jeans. My oldest brother
(take) us
down the path, where we (run) down to a
place by the lake. We (put) up the tent and (90) down
to the lake. We
(swim) and
(catch) fish for dinner
As soon as we got back to camp we (make) a fire. My eldest
(teach) me how to start a fire when I was twelve,
(put) the fish on a grill on the fire and then
(sit) around it to keep warm. We
(tell) jokes and
(speak) about all the things we did when we
(be) children
When the fish
(be) cooked, we
(stand) and
(get) a plate. We
(eat) the fish and
(drink) the Pepsi we
(bring) with us. After dinner, we
(throw) more wood on the fire and
(let) it​

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When we Irregular Post Tenses
Complete the story below changing the verbs into the past
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