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Write the questions for these answers. 1what / you / do?
I went clothes shopping with my friend.

2your dad / buy / a new shirt?
No, he didn’t. He bought a pair of shoes instead.

3go / cinema / with / parents?
No, I visited my friends instead.

4you / wear / new jumper?
I did! Everyone loved it!

5how long / film / last?
About two hours, I think.

6eat / restaurant / after the fashion show?
Yes, we did. We had burgers and salad.

7you / get home / late?
No, we didn’t. I think we got home at 8.30 pm.

8your parents / buy / new skirt?
Yes, they gave me the money and I got it from Kool Klothez.

9What / you / have / birthday?
I had some new trainers and a T-shirt.

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Write the questions for these answers. 1what / you / do?
I went clothes shopping with my frie...
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